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Young people enjoy the canals and their environment. We give time and attention to all Young Friends and ensure that they have a great time. Young Friends are offered Workshops that focus on healthy lifestyles and Action Groups that are experiential and focus on emotional and personal growth. We also have Action Adventures specifically for young people. Living on the boats we are very alert to the seasons and cycles of nature. It is our whole approach, our meals are always highly nutritious and mealtimes are fun. This especially connects for young people.

We positively engage with young people. Not all mealtimes are taken round the table. Some are enjoyed while we travel. Many young people don't want leisurely meals, they want to be doing other things and that is fine, they get great food and excellent nutrition whatever they are doing. We encourage people to try different things and our experience is that young people in this environment try new meals and enjoy them.

We charge half price for young people. If young people share there are additional discounts.

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Veggie Events
It has been great to meet so many people at the six veggie events we've been to particularly in Nottingham, Bristol, and London. 
We are so looking forward to the up coming season and having you on board and having your own adventures with us.
Bristol Vegan Fayre - June 10
We have changed the routes and dates for the 2006 season so we'll be tied up right by the event on June 10.  This is going to be such fun!  We look forward to seeing you there.  You'll be able to come and sample Erin's awesome culinary  delights.
Please see the new dates and locations of our  Adventures under the Adventures link.
Our database will be integrated to this site very soon and you will be able to see cabin availability and book on line.  If you want to book before the database is integrated please phone me.
Our brochures will be available soon.  If you have requested one it will be on your doorstep any day soon.  Our brochures are intended for those who don't have internet access.  Please contact us on 0845 166 BOATS (26287).
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