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Fun & Adventure
Fun and Adventure

Our Adventures are about having great experiences in very special places that are rich in natural wildlife, the fascinating features of our 200+ year old canal system, having fun, a time of personal growth, making new friends, being in two lovely 70' fully crewed narrowboats where we have an environment that is sincere and where there is time for you, where you will find great tasting, cruelty free, mostly organic, freshly prepared and highly nutritious meals, and a relaxed, smoke free, atmosphere.

The canals have a wonderful history, heritage and culture. The boats are built traditionally, the butty which is pulled by the motor, has the same lines as the horse drawn boats of 200 years ago. Every day on the canals is different. No two journeys are the same. The environment on the boats is special and we endeavor to enable every Friend to have a truly wonderful experience with us. Some will really enjoy working the locks, steering the boats and 'bow hauling' the butty into locks and be very active. Many young people enjoy setting locks and learn to steer competently. We have kites and bikes and digital cameras that can be borrowed.

Others will have a more relaxing time. Whichever people choose the ingredients are here. Additionally, every Adventure features different 'on the bank' attractions as well as the canal and river environments and their features, the boats and the things that we do on board. We're flexible and will do things on the spur of the moment. Imagine it's a beautiful moon lit night - we may well do some navigation. That's a special experience.

Time with us is a phenomenon. The usual expectation of time just doesn't apply, so we create our own. A journey that may seem like an hour may have taken much longer. Something that occurred in the morning may seem like a different day by the evening. There are always tons of things to do, new friends and discoveries to be made, with fun on the water and interesting places nearby. And when you return to the boats in the evening after visiting an attraction you can print your digital images and save them to a CD to take home. We have internet access that you can use without charge to receive mail and send digital images of what you have been doing that day. We also have a Scalextric track that can be used inside or out. We have a range of on board activities, surround sound, books, games, chess and computer games. You can paint and take home your own items of canal art, using the same simple and effective brush strokes that working boatmen used in the 1800s.

Fun and Adventure

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Veggie Events
It has been great to meet so many people at thesixveggie events we've been to particularlyin Nottingham, Bristol, and London.
We are solooking forward to the up coming season and having you on board and having your own adventures with us.
Bristol Vegan Fayre - June 10
We have changed the routes and dates for the 2006 season sowe'll betied upright by the eventon June 10.This is going to be such fun! We look forward to seeing you there. You'll be able to come and sampleErin's awesome culinary delights.
Please see the new dates and locations of our Adventures under the Adventures link.
Our database will be integrated to this site very soon and you will be able to see cabin availability and book on line. If you want to book before the database is integrated please phone me.
Our brochures will be available soon. If you have requested oneit will be on your doorstep any day soon. Our brochures are intended for those who don't have internet access. Please contact us on 0845 166 BOATS (26287).
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