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Our meals are great tasting, visually attractive, highly nutritious and organic whenever possible. They are prepared freshly for each meal. You can talk to the chef while he is preparing the meals. We're happy to show you all the ingredients we use. We don't use a microwave. We don't use any aluminum cookware. No GM. No trans fatty acids, nothing hydrogenated. We have virtually no frying, it isn't healthy. And we have low levels of sugar and salt.

Our meals are both healthy and appetizing. The oil we use is flaxseed oil - its wonderfully healthy - it contains omega 3, we use it even though it is as expensive as a liqueur. We use it mostly on salads. Omega 3 is so important for health and some young people just aren't getting any. We use some walnut oil and some olive oil. We use lots of nuts too. We start with the best ingredients we can get and craft them to provide delicious combinations of color, texture, flavor and always highly nutritious.

Organic Food
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Veggie Events
It has been great to meet so many people at thesixveggie events we've been to particularlyin Nottingham, Bristol, and London.
We are solooking forward to the up coming season and having you on board and having your own adventures with us.
Bristol Vegan Fayre - June 10
We have changed the routes and dates for the 2006 season sowe'll betied upright by the eventon June 10.This is going to be such fun! We look forward to seeing you there. You'll be able to come and sampleErin's awesome culinary delights.
Please see the new dates and locations of our Adventures under the Adventures link.
Our database will be integrated to this site very soon and you will be able to see cabin availability and book on line. If you want to book before the database is integrated please phone me.
Our brochures will be available soon. If you have requested oneit will be on your doorstep any day soon. Our brochures are intended for those who don't have internet access. Please contact us on 0845 166 BOATS (26287).
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